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Fireflower Missile System

Across the entirety of the Astral Realms, there are none that can compare to the technomagical prowess of the great schools of the Collegia Scholarium. Every year millions of applicants make the pilgrimage to the great university in the hopes of being chosen to become one if the students and perhaps one day become a scholar or magus of the Tower.

For through the knowledge and research attained at the great university, the Order of Midgard is sustained.

Among the latest advancements in technomantic engineering is the formidable Fireflower Missile System. Combining the newest advancements in tracking technology and Clockwork mechaneering from the schools of both Motion and Power, along with the most advanced ballistic thought engines from the great archmagus Tesla himself, this beautiful and complex piece of tower craftsmanship is capable of tracking multiple targets simultaneously and unleashing a barrage of destructive fire heretofore unimagined.

The Fireflower is able to launch doz

Fireflower Missile System